10 things to avoid as a petite woman shopping online. D-LOOK.com fashion tips and advice for women. AMA

May 15, 2018

1. Horizontal stripes

2. Thick belts

3. Batwing sleeves...

to check out the rest visit www.d-look.com

D-Look is the premium fast fashion brand that gives you a true styling experience. Our mission is to inspire you to elevate your style by showing you how to wear the latest fashion trends everyday. Millions of people around the world shop Daily Look to buy the best at accessible prices, be inspired by how we style the latest fashion trends, and share their own personal style.D-LOOK is always watching whats going on in the world around us to deliver great fashion to you and everyone that wants to look cool for Summer and snug for Winter or just afternoon shopping in a casual get up. 



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What’s the story behind the brand name of D-Look?
May 19, 9:46AM EDT0
Do you manufacture all the clothes you’re selling already or are these made as people order?
May 19, 6:59AM EDT0
When’s the peak season for online shopping? Is there a month or time of the year when women shop more often?
May 18, 11:42PM EDT0
If a woman is allowed to own only 2 pairs of shoes - what should these pairs be?
May 18, 8:28PM EDT0
Do you ship to anywhere in the world?
May 18, 6:53PM EDT0
Do you have plus size clothes for women at D-Look?
May 18, 6:19PM EDT0
What are the usual bestsellers among women shopping at D-Look?
May 18, 3:37PM EDT0
Do you design all the clothes that come out at D-Look?
May 18, 4:47AM EDT0
Do you ever feel pressured to dress well every day because you work in the fashion industry?
May 18, 1:31AM EDT0
What’s one trend today that you wish would go away already?
May 17, 10:48PM EDT0

Are you thinking of setting up one for men also?

May 17, 7:10AM EDT0
What did D-look come into existence? What the idea behind the website?
May 15, 11:31PM EDT0
Who are your fashion inspirations and what is one style tip that you would like to take from this influencer?
May 15, 9:04PM EDT0
Who do you think are your target users? How do you work on marketing your platform to the right users?
May 15, 8:22AM EDT0
What were the challenges faced by the team when setting up D-look? How did you cope up with it?
May 15, 8:16AM EDT0
What were some of your motivations for starting a shopping website? How much did you invest in this shopping website when first starting out?
May 15, 5:57AM EDT0

Fashion and design is what motivated me to start D-LOOK. Plus, I wanted to offer street wear and every day casual wear that isn't too complicated.

We started out very small and we're still growing.

Thanks for the question.

May 15, 8:21AM EDT0
What's the most successful way a woman and a man can incorporate colour into their wardrobe?
May 15, 3:45AM EDT0

Never underestimate the power of accessories like belts, scarfs, watches, sun glasses, jewelry and shoes. Very easily you can add subtle or bold colours to a look just by matching the right accessories! 

May 15, 8:13AM EDT0
How did you attract customers to your shop initally?
May 15, 1:00AM EDT0

We offered promations and used social marketing through social media.

May 15, 8:02AM EDT0
How many people are currently working at D-Look? Does everyone on the team come from a fashion or design background?
May 15, 12:05AM EDT0

Hi JOVANA, we have a small team less then 4 as we have just recently stated up but we are all 'multi skilled' so to speak. Not everyone has a 'fasion' background but we are all commited to the business. 

May 15, 1:50AM EDT0
You have a segment for "Free Products" on your website. How do you decide what goes there?
May 14, 11:57PM EDT0


It all depends on inventory levels and if we're trying to sell old stock.

May 15, 1:40AM EDT0
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