#AMA about Grunt Style, our American Brand and our initiative to bring back American Manufacturing...bring your bourbon and cigars and lets chat.

Tim Jensen
Feb 26, 2018

I am the COO at Grunt Style, the fastest growing lifestyle brand that celebrates "pride in self, in military and in country." We employ over 500 proud Americans in Illinois and Texas. We have recently opened a cut and sew facilty in San Antonio, Texas where we intend to spearhead the American Made Revolution. Leading with our first product aptly named 'The Lexington." 

Ask me anything about our incredible business and I will happily share our story. And maybe..... a Bedtime Story as well.  ~Tim J.


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How has the brand, and site as a whole, evolved over the time from when you first started?
Mar 2, 11:51AM EST0

Who do you think are the most influential people on your business trajectory?

Mar 2, 9:54AM EST0
Speaking demographically, who are your ideal customers at Grunt Style?
Mar 1, 5:04PM EST0
What are the main benefits of selling American-made products?
Feb 27, 5:42PM EST0
Who gave you the biggest compliment on your work?
Feb 27, 4:03PM EST0
Do you plan on introducing new products for a global audience?
Feb 27, 2:11PM EST0

Hi Silvija,

Thanks for the question. We release new product nearly three times a week. These items maybe shirts, hoodies, polo's long sleeves to gear and footwear. We are very active in providing fresh designs and styles to our fans. It has helped us grow rapidly across the US and the world. 

Feb 27, 2:53PM EST0

What are you the most proud of when it comes to Grunt style?

Feb 27, 11:33AM EST0


Great question. I think about this question a lot. What I find to be the most prideful thing about Grunt Style is our commitment to give back to the veteran community. We do an incredible amount of work with in the veteran community. We work with several organizations and have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity groups over the last few years.

During hurricane Harvey, our very own CEO was involved in rescue operations that pulled more than 500 families from flooded homes. I also coordinated over 10 tons of relief supplies to support those efforts and had them delivered by our staff from Chicago. making the 21 hour trip in a uhaul full of supplies. 

Feb 27, 2:51PM EST0
How difficult is it to manage 500 employees? What is the most challenging part?
Feb 27, 11:22AM EST0

hi JOV4EE,

Thanks for the question. Leading 500 plus employees can be difficult. However, having the right leaders in place makes all the difference. No leader should have more than 7 people under their responsibility at any time. Keeping to this covenant, it has made the operation remain agile while addressing all the training, development and personal needs of the employee.

The most difficult part is having a personal relationship with each employee. We go out of our way from an executive perspective to make sure we give ample time to make sure those relationships exist. 

Feb 27, 2:43PM EST0
Is Grunt Style quite active on social media?
Feb 27, 7:48AM EST0

Hi Hazygracy,

Thanks for the question. We are a marketing machine. Our social media is a powerhouse that allows us to speak directly to our fans in ways that other companies are not doing. 

In just over 5 years we have grown our social media followers to well over 2.5m followers across all our channels. Our reach is absolutely insane. Our Violent But True Bedtime Stories for example, gets more views than most popular television shows. 

Feb 27, 9:20AM EST0
Aside from long-sleeved shirts, what other products does Grunt Style offer?
Feb 27, 6:43AM EST0

Hi Elleurdg,

Thanks for the question. We provide several items and products beyond just long sleeve shirts. We are a lifestyle brand that can clothe you from head to toe for any occasion. Check out gruntstyle.com

Feb 27, 9:18AM EST0
Why do you believe USA-made products are still the best for Americans?
Feb 27, 3:39AM EST0

Hi Lara,

Great Question. I think that American made products are the best for Americans because of the economic benefits for our country. The more things back home, the more jobs are being created. We as a country, used to be a manufacturing giant. In the last two decades we have put a lot of focus into being a service based country. Which is great dont get me wrong. But why not be proud of making things again? Being a leader in manufacturing?

Feb 27, 9:16AM EST0
Do you have plans on expanding the company with new facilities across the country in the future?
Feb 26, 10:25PM EST0

Hi Praveena,

Thanks for the question. We do have plans to continue spreading out operations across the United States. It is our goal to get Grunt Style into your hands next day. Big things ahead. 

Feb 27, 9:13AM EST0
Do you ship your products to other countries?
Feb 26, 9:55PM EST0

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for the question. We absolutely ship international. We also hold 6 trademarks around the world. We ship a boat load of product to Australia. 

Feb 26, 10:03PM EST0
Who is the target market for Grunt Style?
Feb 26, 9:36PM EST0

Hi John,

Years ago the target demographic was a 30-35 year old who had military service and probably deployed overseas. As we have evolved over the years our market has certainly changed into a patriotic/pride lifestyle. Although veterans definitely still gravitate to our brand we are now reaching far beyond that demographic. 

We are a brand that represents "pride in self, in military and in country" it spans far beyond just military service and is a brand for everyone. 

Last edited @ Feb 26, 9:40PM EST.
Feb 26, 9:40PM EST0
Do you personally have Grunt Style in your own wardrobe?
Feb 26, 9:24PM EST0

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the question. I only wear Grunt Style. 

Feb 26, 9:30PM EST0

Are there local retail stores offering Grunt Style shirts?

Feb 26, 9:01PM EST0

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the question. We current sell in many retail stores. You can find Grunt Style in Cabelas, Dick's, Hibbets, Academy, The Marine Corps Exchange. All of which our product is the leading seller. 

Feb 26, 9:09PM EST0
Have you ever thought of outsourcing labor where it's cheaper outside of America?
Feb 26, 8:59PM EST0

Hi Phillip,

Great question. We have not put any thought to outsourcing our labor. As a manufacturer and producer of goods we value our quality. In our current processes we keep a total spoilage yield less than .01% of total units produced and we are one of the leading screen printers in the industry. 

When a company decides to outsource they lose control of their quality and in part, a bit of their culture. These two facits are very important to us. We have no plans to do this now or in the future. While other company's do it to maximize profits, we are of mind that quality is the driver of great products. 

Last edited @ Feb 26, 9:07PM EST.
Feb 26, 9:07PM EST1
Where can one buy Grunt Style products online?
Feb 26, 8:37PM EST0


Thanks for the question. You can find our store at gruntstyle.com we are also in several big box stores like Cabales, Dick's, Academy, Hibbets. 

Check us out on Facebook and all the social channels. 

Feb 26, 8:43PM EST0
Do you have sales and promos for your products too?
Feb 26, 8:31PM EST0

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for the question. What we have learned over time is that "sales" are not as exciting as they appear while in business. They often impact negatively on a business in several aspects, but most importantly it impacts the customer. 

If our company is always participating in a "sale" we are only creating a behavior for our fans to come and visit us when we are participating in a "sale". We do however offer certain promotions on our new products that are discounted during the preorder period. But that is more of a convience we offer our fans when they have to wait a week or perhaps two for the preorder to end. 

Feb 26, 8:39PM EST0
What are the most sold items/products by Grunt Style? Is there a particular thing that sells best or they change?
Feb 26, 8:16PM EST0

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for the question. Over the past 9 years we have sold many products. We have also raised alot of money, through product sales, for charitable events. Our American Spartan 2.0 is one of the most popular designs we have put out. 

Our designers have a lot of fun with each other keeping "score" on graphix tees they design. Nothing like a good ol rivalry. 

Feb 26, 8:26PM EST0
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