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Mar 28, 2018

I’m starting a collaborative, online magazine called AS IS Editorial, which focuses on creative females at the nexus of fashion and feminism. I’m here to answer any questions about the process of launching a brand and magazine, and I’d love to start a discussion about what content you'd like to see in a magazine that blends fashion and feminism.

 It’s a long journey that we’re still on—cultivating a magazine is no easy venture. I left Chicago at 18 for LA to pursue a career in fashion. I graduated with a degree in fashion merchandising from FIDM, and have since held positions in fashion merchandising, styling, and creative directing. Those experiences combined have fueled my desire to launch my own creative outlet. AS IS Editorial will give readers a new perspective on fashion, media, and society. The online platform will also provide readers with a network of collaborators-- no matter the creative medium, our online community can help our members find people to work with and eventually submit content to the magazine! 

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Has your role in the fashion industry evolved through the years?
Mar 30, 3:05AM EDT0
Was there a point in your life when you realized that you’d like to see yourself as an editor by profession that too in the fashion world?
Mar 29, 11:26PM EDT0
In your opinion, what makes a great cover story?
Mar 29, 3:56PM EDT0
What do you think the most challenging aspect of being in your position is?
Mar 29, 11:58AM EDT0
How did you go about integrating fashion in your writing? Was it an opportunity that presented itself or was it something you sought?
Mar 29, 11:10AM EDT0

What are your thoughts on CardiB?

Mar 29, 2:37AM EDT0

Often times we see the influence of black culture and other minority groups in both fashion and beauty  trends, but they are often times not acknowledged or recognized as the originators of the “new trends” by major publications or the media. How will your magazine approach this issue?

Last edited @ Mar 29, 2:34AM EDT.
Mar 29, 2:31AM EDT2

Great question Bree! This fact can go hand in hand with the problem of appropriation; people of certain communities that are minorities that have been marginalized are not getting credit, or the spotlight for the influence that they have on trends. To be more specific, some trends that come to mind are of hair and lingo, like the baby hair gelled down, and the hashtag #squadgoals. You see Katy Perry and the House of Givenchy getting the credit for inspiring this hairstyle trend, and #squadgoals, you see Taylor Swift and her gaggle of girl celebrity friends getting the credit for coining the term. It remains to be mentioned who those people were inspired by, the black girls who have been slicking down their baby hairs for decades, or the fact that squad is a term stemming from black slang or ad libs.

We understand how harmful this can be to the communities we represent, because it erases them and keeps them down, furthering an agenda of inequality. How we are different is we want to illuminate the origins of style trends because that is a vital tool in equalizing the people and developing a deeper understanding of cultures different than one's own. How we aim to do this is creating a healthy level of cultural exchange and accurate representation, by showing visual content that is authentic to its origins, and the most important thing other publications have neglected to do, talk about the true origin and inspiration.

The majority of content visual or textual will be contributed or be in the form of a collaboration We aim to uphold this belief of equalizing by creating an online community that reflects a vast verity of people no matter age, race, religion, or sex. Through building this community our content will be comprised of authentic works from people locally and all over the world who have the knowledge of where their inspirations originate.  

Apr 3, 7:51PM EDT0
What do you think is the future of feminism?
Mar 28, 7:40PM EDT0
Do you have any favorite books on feminism?
Mar 28, 2:50PM EDT0
Can you list out your views of merging feminism and fashion? Do you concentrate only on costume fashions or others too?
Mar 28, 12:55PM EDT0
What are the biggest misconceptions about feminism?
Mar 28, 12:30PM EDT0
There is a big misconception about what feminism really represents, how would you explain it to someone who thinks feminism is about hating men?
Mar 27, 10:56PM EDT0

Seeing that feminism is not about hating anybody but in fact, equalizing, I would explain that women have been and are the ones being hated. Some examples of this hatred would include, the wage gap, although reports have stated it is narrowing, it still exists (the gap is even worse for black and Hispanic women), the underrepresentation of women in government and media, and the fact that women are more likely to be the victims of human trafficking, rape, harassment, and domestic violence. The movement of feminism is fighting to be seen and treated equally with men, not to hate or bring them down so we can rise. However, in order for equality to exist we need to expose these acts of hatred and under/misrepresentation of women, that are typically committed by men, for it to stop on a scale that would allow true equality to develop socially and legislatively.   

Mar 28, 3:53PM EDT0
In your opinion, what laws should exist to ensure companies promote a healthy work/life balance for their employees?
Mar 27, 5:56PM EDT0
What different roles did you do in fashion merchandising?
Mar 27, 4:11PM EDT0

I have been a brand merchandiser and also manager. I have fulfilled duties in merchandise presentation as well as execution. Tasks entail designing the layout of a retail floorplan, selecting merchandise to be displayed, styling mannequins and other types of retail displays. I have created and provided directive presentations of seasonal trends and brand imagery, typically in the form of a booklet or pdf. I have also fulfilled a role as a buyer to supply retailers with fashion product that is on brand, which can crossover with some allocation duties.  

Mar 28, 4:16PM EDT0
What made you take the step of pursuing fashion at the age of 18? Who motivated you to choose this field?
Mar 27, 4:08PM EDT0

Fashion was always a big part of my life. Being from one of the largest cities in the US, Chicago, there was always some sort of fashion scene and art scene that I took interest in and found solace. At 18 when I moved to LA to embark on a creative career path I took a gap year to pursue singing. I had been studying voice for 6 years at that point. After a year, I found that it wasn't the right outlet for me to express what I wanted to creatively. The exposure to the LA fashion scene in that year made it apparent that I should act on my natural interests and talent. The motivation was that it came naturally to me and it's what I thoroughly enjoy.   

Mar 28, 4:37PM EDT0
There are other online magazines out there. What sets AS IS Editorial apart from the rest of them?
Mar 27, 12:44PM EDT0
Who is your favourite feminist role model?
Mar 27, 10:12AM EDT0
What do you believe is the purpose of fashion in society?
Mar 27, 9:47AM EDT0
How do you make money from an online fashion magazine?
Mar 27, 8:03AM EDT0
What is your philosophy in life and how does that affect how you manage AS IS Editorial?
Mar 27, 7:07AM EDT0
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