Ask me about New Trends for 2018. AMA about Colors.

Tapti Tapan
Mar 10, 2018

I am a Fashion Designer, Stylist, Visual Merchandiser and a Freelancer.  I create cocktail dresses & cocktail jewelry. You can ask me anything related to fashion, design, color, style, about my brand, dresses, Jewelry & style.  I am all about creating and I love color. I love styling as well.  I work on photo shoots and I work with photographers.


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Have you ever sold your pieces to anyone famous?
Mar 17, 9:40PM EDT0
Where do you get your information on the upcoming trends for 2018. Do you do your research online?
Mar 17, 7:46PM EDT0
Aside from your Wix website, are there other online stores offering your creations?
Mar 13, 3:17PM EDT0

I believe etsy. i have to update it. If you are interested in purchasing you can contact me directly. I can either fed ex and send it via usps. it will be the cost per shipping. Thats what  is for now. I am looking into shopyfy and some other online mediums. you can also email me directly.

Mar 13, 5:20PM EDT0
What is one color that you cannot live without?
Mar 13, 2:27AM EDT0

Blue and white 

Mar 13, 1:30PM EDT0
What type of jewelry do you design? Do you use real gold, silver and precious stones?
Mar 12, 2:36PM EDT0

I design cocktail jewelry using semi precious stones. I dont use gold but that would be custome made. Sterling silver is also a custom made option. here is the link to my website:

Mar 12, 9:37PM EDT0
Who do you think will be the style icon for 2018 and why?
Mar 12, 12:44PM EDT0

I think we all are winners in our own ways and expertise.

Here is the link to. my styling website:

Mar 12, 9:40PM EDT0
What’s a wedding dress style you would recommend to a plus-sized woman?
Mar 12, 11:49AM EDT0

A-Line Pricess cut 

Mar 12, 11:52AM EDT0
Of all the Kardashians sisters, whose personal style do you like the most?
Mar 12, 9:19AM EDT0

i dont have a personal style, but kourtney looks fine.

Mar 12, 9:27AM EDT0

I looked in my closet and it's 95% black, white, gray. And only 1% print. How can I introduce color, and maybe even prints, into my wardrobe without overpowering my tiny frame?

Mar 12, 8:20AM EDT0

you need to add color, some sparkles and some tiny prints nothing too dramatic or huge prints. I would start with some color, that looks good on you and that you like. take baby steps and add some color please to your wardrobe.

Mar 12, 9:15AM EDT0
If you could dress up any model or celebrity of your choice, who would it be?
Mar 11, 4:26PM EDT0

Julia Roberts & Wynonna ryder

Mar 11, 5:19PM EDT0
What are some of the best feedback or comments you got from your clients?
Mar 11, 1:20PM EDT0

my work is real. its creative.

Mar 11, 1:32PM EDT0
When it comes to hair color, what is the trend for 2018?
Mar 11, 12:13PM EDT0

color trends of 2018: shades of browns, tints of red and or bright reds. 

if you look at people on the streets, they are adding tints of purple or green to their hair color.

Mar 11, 1:34PM EDT0
When going to a cocktail party, what’s a guaranteed good look aside from the little black dress?
Mar 11, 8:47AM EDT0

You can wear a dress with shimmer, or a dress draped in color with slight embellishments

Mar 11, 12:42PM EDT1
Can one come to you to get assistance in customizing wedding rings or engagement rings?
Mar 11, 8:39AM EDT0


Mar 11, 12:42PM EDT0
Do you dream of one day having your very own stores in different cities?
Mar 11, 8:20AM EDT0

Yes, atleast one in NYC if not many.

Mar 11, 9:21AM EDT0
What’s your personal favorite color?
Mar 11, 8:08AM EDT0

Blue, white, pink

Mar 11, 9:21AM EDT0
What’s your advice to aspiring fashion designers?
Mar 11, 5:22AM EDT0

It's hard work.

Mar 11, 9:22AM EDT0
Are there physical stores carrying your clothing brand at the moment?
Mar 11, 5:18AM EDT1
How do you market or promote your products and services?
Mar 10, 5:54PM EST0

I do pop-ups and I have a website and my social media pages

Mar 10, 6:37PM EST0
What are some classic color trends that will never go out of style?
Mar 10, 4:39PM EST0

Black, navy, grey, off white, red

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Mar 10, 6:37PM EST0