Ask Me Anything about "JAshoes", the social footwear brand that makes you unique.

Jan 8, 2018

"JAshoes" is a new type of footwear achieved through the combination between new manufacturing technologies and hand made weaving techniques. The sole, toecap and heel support shape a single 3D printed piece, while cutting shoe is made by a hand woven strap that wraps around the sole and users foot, this strap is replaceable, which give our users the posibbility of personalize their shoes according to their outfits. 

Our main objective is to create a social enterprise where textile artisans from vulnerable communities from Mexico can get a better income to survive and also they can share their wonderful art with the world.

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What did the creative process of designing these shoes look like?

Dec 28, 2:10PM EST0

How are JAshoes benefiting those who wear them?

Dec 26, 1:21AM EST0

When did you first realize that you wanted to make shoes?

Dec 25, 7:06PM EST0

How long did it take you to design shoes?

Dec 24, 4:01AM EST0

What did you study? Was it related to your project?

Dec 23, 5:20AM EST0

What differentiates JAshoes from other shoes on the market?

Dec 23, 1:41AM EST0

How did you meet the members of your team and how do you overcome differences in opinion?

Dec 22, 11:38PM EST0

To be honest, I am still working on it. But I learned to listen and accept criticism without involving feelings, trying to be objective.

Dec 23, 2:26PM EST0

What tips would you give to someone who wants to create their own footware?

Dec 22, 4:39PM EST0

It depends on what you really want, if you just want to learn how to create your own footware or know about the industry I recommend you read the book "Swoosh" Unauthorized Story of Nike "and be aware of the most outstanding online sneakers blogs, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, the story is different.

Dec 23, 2:21PM EST0

Where do you see JAshoes in the future?

Dec 22, 10:53AM EST0

We see ourselves as the largest artisan marketing company in Latin America, supporting not only artisan communities in Mexico, but throughout Latin America and exporting products all over the world, improving the quality of life of millions of artisans. This our mission. 

Dec 23, 2:10PM EST0

Will you expand your brand to also be for clothes?

Dec 22, 7:33AM EST0

I am working on it, but the main objective, in this moment, is to get invesment to launch this product to the market, based on its success, we will determine the viability of taking this concept to another level.

Dec 23, 2:00PM EST0

What inspired you to create JAshoes?

Dec 22, 7:08AM EST0

This project arose for the fascination that I have as Mexican towards Pre-hispanic culture, in particular, artisanal work. The motivation is to support people who, by necessity, migrate to other countries in search of new opportunities for development, without noting that artisanal work can be a source of income. This is our main objective, to promote artisanal commerce and reactivate the economy in the sector. 

Dec 23, 1:36PM EST0

How will the personalization of shoes work?

Dec 22, 6:01AM EST0

Through the hand woven straps, that serve as interchangeable cuts. You only have to cross the straps through the holes located at the bottom of the sole and wrapping it. We are gonna include guide with graphic instructions with each pair.

Last edited @ Dec 23, 1:19PM EST.
Dec 23, 12:45PM EST0

Did you do any similar projects to this one?

Dec 22, 5:56AM EST0

No, I built some models to experiment with different shapes and this was the better, but there were some others kind of interesting concepts that maybe we can take in order to complete another collection 

Last edited @ Dec 22, 5:23PM EST.
Dec 22, 5:19PM EST0

What is the story behind JAshoes?

Dec 22, 4:47AM EST0

This initiative emerged as a degree project for the Industrial Design career at the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City. The central objective of the project was to create an "innovative" product that would break the pre-established industry frameworks for industry., as well as give it an approach in which to solve a problem of Mexican society, in this case, the lack of employment and the fight against poverty. 

Dec 22, 9:24AM EST0

What are the challenges and risks of making JAshoes? What are the fun and enjoyable parts?

Dec 21, 11:15PM EST0

The main challenge is to get investment to carry out this dream. The most exciting part is to work with artisans, who embody their culture in pieces of fantastic complexity and beauty.

Dec 22, 9:12AM EST0

What are your marketing strategies?

Dec 21, 8:04PM EST0

Our strategy focuses on the youth and millennial market. This product was designed for those who have a need for distinction and at the same time they "really " want to make their outfits value by supporting housewives artisans from communities living in extreme poverty. We distance ourselves from the offer of major international brands, since we can not compete with them, because they offer exclusivity through their international recognition and belonging to that community, instead, we offer exclusivity through individuality creating unique pieces of art. unrepeatable and recognizing our clients as unique entities, such as the pattern in the coat of a jaguar, animal that is symbol of our Mexican culture and from which the name of our brand comes.

Dec 22, 9:08AM EST0

Where will buyers be able to get JAshoes?

Dec 21, 2:56PM EST0

Soon we will carry out a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo in which there will be exclusive benefits, that´s why I ask you to fill the short survey, which will allow me to offer a better product, since we are in a prototype stage.

Dec 21, 3:44PM EST0

What will be the price range of JAshoes?

Dec 21, 12:13PM EST0

The price is not established yet, however the range is approximate to 250 - 500 USD, the price varies depending on the technique used and the complexity of the pattern, each piece is unique, which raises its price but, at the same time, it gives you exclusivity guarantee. Each strap is unique piece of its author, that´s why we include a short graphic biography of  artisans in each pair.

Dec 21, 12:45PM EST0

How will buying these shoes help communities in Mxico?

Dec 21, 12:06PM EST0

In this first stage, we can only improve the income of artisans through collaboration in a fair trade system in which the artisan is paid to make the straps with hand made weaving techniques such as macramé or the use of waist loom. However, it is proposed to establish a foundation, at a later stage, which is dedicated to solving the problems of each specific community, but this depends on the success of the commercialization and the growth of the social enterprise.

Last edited @ Dec 21, 12:32PM EST.
Dec 21, 12:24PM EST0

How long did it take you to develop this idea?

Dec 21, 9:07AM EST0

Hi, it took me a year and a half approximately. Greetings.

Dec 21, 9:36AM EST0
Dec 21, 9:46AM EST0
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