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Dec 4, 2017

Hey! Im a self taught makeup artist, and a beauty youtuber! I️ enjoy doing my own makeup as well as others, and i’m obsessed with all things makeup! i️m also very interested in fashion and blogging. I have a youtube channel where I talk about all of these things, it’s just my name, Kyleigh Conroy. I also have two instagrams @kyleighconroy and @kyconroy makeup so feel free to reach out to me on those or ask me anything here♡ 

www.instagram.com/kyleighconroy youtu.be/VvSBOeU1DGk

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Which brand do you think suits best Asian skin?

Dec 8, 8:36PM EST0

What software do you use to upload videos to Youtube?

Dec 7, 8:16PM EST0

How much time per day do you spend on social media?

Dec 7, 7:56PM EST0

a few hours !!!

Dec 7, 8:05PM EST0

How many subscribers does your blog and vlog have?

Dec 7, 11:01AM EST0

How many fans do you have? Do they often write to you?

Dec 5, 2:48AM EST0

no fans !

Dec 7, 8:04PM EST0

At what age should I start using eyelid cream?

Dec 4, 6:04PM EST0

How do you make a living? What is your profession?

Dec 4, 5:03PM EST0

i️m a college student!

Dec 7, 8:04PM EST0

I want to have my channel on Youtube. Where do I start?

Dec 4, 4:19PM EST0

What negative effects can cause using of any cosmetics?

Dec 4, 4:01PM EST0

How often do you communicate with people in real time?

Dec 4, 3:56PM EST0

What advice do you give people in your videos on YouTube?

Dec 4, 3:45PM EST0

How often should I use masks and scrubs for my face and my body?

Dec 4, 3:14PM EST0

id personally say once a week but it depends on your skin! ♡ 

Dec 4, 3:34PM EST0

What equipment do you use to record your videos?

Dec 4, 3:07PM EST0

I have a Canon t5i! 

Dec 4, 3:33PM EST0

What advice can you give a newbie on Youtube?

Dec 4, 2:54PM EST0

i️m still a newbie myself but i’d definitely tell them to be themselves! ♡ 

Dec 4, 3:33PM EST0

Why did you decide to start running your video channel on YouTube?

Dec 4, 2:40PM EST0

i wanted to be able to express myself and encourage others to do the same! ♡ 

Dec 4, 3:33PM EST0

How can I increase the number of subscribers from my channel in a short time?

Dec 4, 12:18PM EST0

ugh i wish i knew!!! I would just say to be yourself because no one can ever be YOU! ♡ 

Dec 4, 3:28PM EST0

Do you post videos on your channel daily?

Dec 4, 5:18AM EST0

no, not daily! I try to post videos once a week but sometimes i get too busy with schoolwork. if you have any video ideas id LOVE to hear them! xo ♡ 

Dec 4, 3:29PM EST0

What kind of lifestyle are you outside of your video blog?

Dec 3, 11:50PM EST0

Pretty casual! im in college so i️m always doing school work and trying to relax!

Dec 4, 3:32PM EST0

What cosmetics should not be used for people who have too dry skin?

Dec 3, 10:35PM EST0

super matte makeup! it clings to your dry skin :(

Dec 4, 3:32PM EST0

How often do your post videos on your channel and how do you determine the timing? 

Dec 3, 8:36PM EST0

I try to post videos once a week but i do tend to get backed up a little bit with school work! 

Dec 4, 3:31PM EST0
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