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Symeon Oshea
Dec 4, 2017

As both a fashion blogger + wardrobe stylist, I am a firm believer that style is not just a copy + paste template. Style should be personal + curated to fit a person's personal ineterests + lifestyle. With my amazing passion for the fashion industry & my experience as a stylist I possess the knowledge to answer any + all question related to style and the fashion industry. 

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Where do you shop, online or physical stores?

Dec 8, 8:34PM EST0

In your own point of view, who is the best-dressed celebrity?

Dec 7, 3:55PM EST0

What are the things to consider in choosing the right color combination?

Dec 7, 10:59AM EST0

What is a casual wear concept to you?

Dec 5, 2:46AM EST0

What is your favorite fashion style?

Dec 4, 6:00PM EST0

What color of shoes is the best match with a black and blue dress?

Dec 4, 5:19PM EST0

I would go with a silver heel and accent it with a silver clutch and silver jewelry.

Last edited @ Dec 4, 5:52PM EST.
Dec 4, 5:31PM EST0

Do you have a celebrity inspiration for your fashion and style ideas? Can you name one?

Dec 4, 3:30PM EST0

My dive into fashion + style started when I started to watch red carpet events frequently. Stylistically, I'm inspired by Artists like A$AP Rocky + Rihanna. 

Dec 4, 4:40PM EST1

Do bright colors fit all types of skintone?

Dec 4, 1:38PM EST0

I’m a firm believer i’m wearing whatever makes you feel your best. If that neon pink dress makes you happy, wear it. Don’t let tradition or social norms stop you from being unique and diverse in your style.

Dec 4, 2:24PM EST0

What is the most secured payment method in online shopping?

Dec 4, 1:30PM EST0

Any retailer using anything other than Paypal, Visa Checkout or an Express Checkout method shoild genrally be avoided. 

Dec 4, 2:22PM EST0

What is the best dress to wear if you have an apple shaped body?

Dec 4, 6:52AM EST0

For apple shaped bodies, you want to draw more attention to the bust area and elongate the upper body. Try to wear things like plunging v-necks, scoop tops and strapless shirts. Shy away from items that shorten the length of the upper body like halter tops and boat neck tees.

Dec 4, 4:42PM EST0

Can you give an example of how to decide a perfect color combination?

Dec 4, 6:35AM EST0

One good example would be someone like Lupita Nyongo, when dressing someone with such a dark, rich + beautiful skin tone you want to go with brighter colours that provide a contrast against her skin. 

Dec 4, 4:43PM EST0

What is the worst streetwear have you seen so far?

Dec 4, 5:19AM EST0

Though i respect all fashion brands and houses, I tend to shy away from Supreme + Bape as they sell exorbitant pieces that (in my opinion) tend to not be worth the price you pay for them.

Dec 4, 2:21PM EST0

In your own point of view, what is the biggest fashion online shopping platform today?

Dec 4, 1:11AM EST0

Typically people would say Amazon but since we are talking about Fashion specifically I personally think ASOS is (if not on it's way to be) the largst online shopping platform for fashion. With such a wide variety and rich selection of clothing it's perfect for people just getting into fashion AND for long time veterans.

Dec 4, 4:45PM EST0

What is the best fashion capital in the world?

Dec 4, 12:12AM EST0

Ahh, this is a tough one, but I'm going to have to go with Paris as I consider it the Fashion "Mecca". High fashion traces it's roots back to Paris and without the booming capital fashion would most certainly not be as prevelant as it is today.

Last edited @ Dec 4, 4:18PM EST.
Dec 4, 4:18PM EST0

What is the difference between fashion and style?

Dec 3, 11:57PM EST0

Fashion is like fingers, everybody normally has them and knows about them but Style is like the the fingerprint, it's unique and individual to each person and no two are the same.

Dec 4, 4:46PM EST0

What are 3 things you will suggest to do to help somebody determine their style?

Dec 3, 8:39PM EST0

Typically what I do when doing a Style Assessment for a client is gauge who inspires them stylistically, where they typically shop at + what they feel makes them unique. These 3 quintessential questions help me gauge the type of person my client is as it relates to fashion.

Dec 4, 4:15PM EST0

What advice can you give in choosing a simple yet elegant quinceanera party dress?

Dec 3, 8:26PM EST0

A good place to go would be Etsy, typically people don't really know about the site but there are tons of aspiring designers on there just waiting to sell you one of their beauriful dresses. Most of them are also actually original and one of a kind so definitely give it a look.

Dec 4, 4:53PM EST0

What is the best advice can you give on how to choose design and color when shopping online?

Dec 3, 8:11PM EST0

The most cost effective way to shop online is generally to hire a personal shopper. We purchase a multitude of items and send them straight to your door while also providing an in-home try on session to determine what to keep and what to return. 

Dec 4, 2:19PM EST0

What are the advantage and the disadvantage of shopping online?

Dec 3, 8:03PM EST0

One of the main advantages of online shopping is the fact that online retailers tend to have more inventory than physical stores. Online retailers also tend to provide steeper discounts than retail stores. The disadvantage of online shopping is not being able to try on the clothes which  can prove to be a massive headache. 

Dec 4, 4:11PM EST0

What is the appropriate way to dress for a job interview?

Dec 3, 6:54PM EST0

This typically depends on the type of job you’re interviewing for. Some jobs may require you to dress more professionally than others. I typically inform my clients to always go with business casual when in doubt because it tends to be a fine medium between “overdressed” + “underdressed”. 

Dec 4, 2:14PM EST0
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