Co-founder of the activist clothing brand reflect. We use the communicative power of fashion to create social awareness. AMA!

Ece Altunmaral
Apr 1, 2018

My journey started back in 2015 when I worked as an art therapy volunteer at one the refugee camps in Turkey. The drawings children made and their stories struck me. When I got back, all I wanted to do was to provide visibility to disadvantaged people. 

So with a collective team of 4 we created reflect, the activist clothing brand. reflect has a unique design process where we organise gatherings and art workshops with disadvantaged communities and get inspired from their real-life stories as protagonists, interpreting facts and statistical leftovers of social crises into storytelling, figurative designs.

reflect is a mirror for invisible. 

I am an activist and an entrepreneur. Ask Me Anything!

Ece Altunmaral says:

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As an activist, what are your fighting for?
Apr 3, 1:25AM EDT0
Do you personally design clothes for your brand or do you hire designers?
Apr 1, 12:15PM EDT0
Do you have plans on expanding your clothing line in the future?
Apr 1, 8:12AM EDT0
Do you use social media platforms to promote 'reflect'?
Apr 1, 7:29AM EDT0
What kind of drawings did the children at the refugee camp make? Do you have any thought provoking ones to share?
Apr 1, 2:06AM EDT0
Why did you choose Turkey as a country to volunteer in?
Mar 31, 7:29PM EDT0
How would you say you try and get everyone on the same page as your thoughts about sustainable fashion?
Mar 31, 6:11PM EDT0
Do you still work as an art therapist? If no, will you go back to it someday?
Mar 31, 4:34PM EDT0
Do you think maybe people should apply carbon footprints scheme to everything, not just emissions?
Mar 31, 7:21AM EDT0
What are you reading or how are you informing yourself about social issues?
Mar 30, 2:58PM EDT0
How do you propose to engage the fashion community in environmental causes?
Mar 30, 12:50PM EDT0
While working with designers and other collaborative fashion houses do you have conversations with these brands about their sustainability or is it all just work?
Mar 30, 11:26AM EDT0
What is the activism aspect of your fashion collections?
Mar 30, 5:27AM EDT0
How do you see yourself developing your brand and your identity as an activist?
Mar 29, 1:08PM EDT0
Does social enterpreneurship have any effect on the economy? If yes, then how so ?
Mar 29, 11:58AM EDT0
How profitable is reflect ? Do you plan to expand? Where do the profits go?
Mar 29, 6:21AM EDT0
How does your fashion designs help others? Do the revenues go to certain organizations?
Mar 29, 5:29AM EDT0
Why did you choose fashion to send your message? What makes it differ from other media you could have used?
Mar 28, 7:18PM EDT0
Have you always been an activist? How do you choose which causes to fight for?
Mar 28, 5:27PM EDT0
How did you come up with the start up money for reflect? Was it difficult to find funding?
Mar 28, 7:06AM EDT0