Got a question about how to amp up your style? I am Anne, a professional personal stylist, and fashion blogger here to answer all your styling inquiries. Ask me anything.

Apr 10, 2018

I am Anne, a personal stylist, and fashion blogger for my blog Daily Fashion Muse.

I love to help women of all shapes and sizes find a style and outfits that best compliment their unique figure. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and sometimes it takes an outsider to show us what we can't see for ourselves. Ask me anything about best cuts for your body type, how to incorporate a trend, budget shopping, where are the best places to find what you are looking for and so much more.

I write and publish the blog Daily Fashion Muse where I strive to give actionable tips that you can incorporate into your fashion. You can even download my workbook on "How To Streamline Your Wardrobe And Define Your Style." I also have great recommendations for beauty products as I have the opportunity to test out many. As I approach my 50th birthday, skincare has become very important to me.

Ultimately my goal is to help each woman feel beautiful where she is at this very moment in her life. Not 10 lbs. thinner or 10 years younger but right now. Celebrate who you are at this very minute. Find out more about me at and on my social media channels. Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest

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What kind of clients do you enjoy styling the most?
Apr 17, 2:54AM EDT1
Have you ever found it challenging styling someone who'd rather dress modestly like someone who doesn't want to how skin for instance?
Apr 16, 10:32AM EDT0

Not at all. There is no one formula that I stick with. I listen to the client and help them style according to their comfort level. I always give them a nudge just outside their comfort level so that they can experiment with new things, but that certainly does not mean show more skin.

Apr 16, 1:23PM EDT0
How long does it take you to get ready for work?
Apr 14, 1:35PM EDT0

Approximately an hour.

Apr 15, 12:01PM EDT0
Do you have any other interests outside of styling and work?
Apr 14, 1:15PM EDT0

Sure, photography, knitting, traveling, boxing, and I am a fanatical Oregon Ducks fan.

Apr 15, 12:03PM EDT0
What do you think of children fashionistas? Have you considered styling children?
Apr 14, 6:14AM EDT0

If a child is truly driven and enjoys fashion, sure I am all for children fashionistas. But, for the most part, I think kids should not worry about fashion and worry about wearing clothes that are comfortable to play in. I have however worked with styling teens. A couple of my clients are mother's and have asked me if I would be willing to style their teen daughter. Young girls are pretty vulnerable at this age so giving them a positive view of their body and how to dress it gives them power.

Apr 14, 10:56AM EDT0
When you walk into your closet, what is missing? Where are the holes in your current wardrobe?
Apr 13, 10:15PM EDT0

Looking in my closet, I don't think there is much missing. It is pretty well stocked. Probably too well stocked if I am honest. I will say there are certain things I struggle to find. I have a very difficult time finding sweaters that I feel look good on me. This is a problem as I live in a cold wet climate. As a result, I have a lot of jackets to layer up in.

Apr 14, 10:58AM EDT0
Was there ever a time you felt like blogging wasn't going to happen for you and considered giving up?
Apr 13, 7:56AM EDT0

Blogging was just a platform for me to talk to about styling tips and products that I love. My hope was that it would expand my list of styling clients. I never expected it to turn into what it has. It can be exhausting trying to stay on top of all the moving parts that go into blogging but I continue to enjoy it.

Apr 13, 10:35AM EDT0
What makes a good stylist? What is it that separates the ‘grammers’ from the actual professionals?
Apr 13, 6:14AM EDT0

The bottom line is a good stylist is a good listener. It doesn't matter how much fashion sense you have if you don't hear what the client is saying to you. Personal styling is a very intimate business where a client is putting themselves at their most vulnerable. You need to show compassion and understanding.

Apr 13, 10:37AM EDT0
At the end of the day, what do you really want your wardrobe to say about you?
Apr 12, 3:19PM EDT0

I'm a boss and I am confident.

Apr 12, 3:38PM EDT0
Do you think that the perception of a personal stylist has changed in the time you have been working in the industry?
Apr 12, 6:14AM EDT0

I don't think the perception has changed as much as I would like it to. I think most people think a personal stylist is just for the rich and famous. I love to style the average woman to help build her confidence more so than anyone else.

Apr 12, 11:26AM EDT0
How do you achieve creative visions or expectations for your clients while staying true to your own style aesthetic?
Apr 12, 6:14AM EDT0

I don't bring my own style aesthetic into the styling of my clients. I take all the information they give me and try to create a style that suits their tastes and personality.

Apr 12, 11:24AM EDT0

Are there certain ages when you fell a woman should not wear certain things? If so, what are the things and the ages.

Apr 11, 11:19PM EDT0

I actually do not believe in setting age limits on fashion. If it makes you feel great, I say wear it. I actually wrote a post on just this topic.

"You Can't Wear That At Your Age! Or Can You?

Apr 12, 11:23AM EDT0
Who are a few of the up and coming fashion labels that you are excited about and what is it about their designs that interests you?
Apr 11, 12:24PM EDT0

I am very inspired by the LRS collection. I love the nod to the 70's  and all the leather pieces. I am also watching Moon Choi. Love the new ways she is cutting the classic blazer and trousers.

Apr 11, 12:42PM EDT0

When you wake up late and in a rush, what are your must have items when dressing?

Apr 11, 12:36AM EDT0

My fallback go-to outfit is always the same. Crisp button front shirt (usually white) with a pair of jeans, and if necessary a blazer. Top it with a bold necklace, and red lipstick and mascara and I am out the door.

Apr 11, 9:24AM EDT0

What fashion accesosory is a must have for ladies who love fashion.

Apr 10, 5:42PM EDT0

I love scarves. They are very versatile in that they can be worn so many different ways. On my youtube channel, I have done a few videos on different ways to tie them. I also wrote a post challenging my readers to a 5-day scarf challenge. to encourage them to try out scarves as an accessory.

Last edited @ Apr 10, 5:50PM EDT.
Apr 10, 5:45PM EDT0
What is your personal style and have you attempted any aspect of fashion design, why or why not?
Apr 10, 5:24PM EDT0

My personal style varies with my mood. Currently, it has been more classic and minimalist. I have been seeking out designer pieces at the moment from online consignment shops so that I may buy more quality pieces over quantity. I have never attempted any aspect of fashion design as I really do not think my strength lies in the designing aspect. I am inspired by what designers create and then combining those pieces in interesting ways.

Apr 10, 5:29PM EDT0

If you werent doing fashion, what would you be doing?

Apr 10, 5:20PM EDT0

More than likely, I would be working in a photo studio as my background is in commercial photography.

Apr 10, 5:23PM EDT0
Why did you choose the name Daily Fashion Muse for your blog?
Apr 10, 4:51PM EDT0

Ahh, the name of my blog. This is a frustration for me because if I could do it all over again, Daily Fashion Muse would not be the name. Originally, my blog was called "Me, My Muse, And I". Someone convinced me that this did not tell anyone what the blog was about and that I needed to add the word fashion to the name. If you are thinking about starting a blog, think long and hard about what the name should be. Once you start branding everything it is very hard to change the name without losing readers.

Apr 10, 4:55PM EDT0
Do you think commenting on other people’s posts can help increase followers on social media?
Apr 10, 4:47PM EDT0

I do believe that commenting on other posts does help to build your followers. Basically anytime you post a comment you are giving your profile a plug not only to the owner of the post but also to everyone reading the comments. If your comments are genuine, it will intrigue others to visit your profile.

Apr 10, 4:51PM EDT0
What have been some of the obstacles or challenges you have faced in your career?
Apr 10, 3:46PM EDT0

My biggest obstacle in life has always been my shyness. At one point in my life, it almost incapacitated me. I physically could not speak to someone I did not know.  I have made leaps and bounds overcoming it but it will still creep up and prevent me from moving forward at the pace I would like to go.

Apr 10, 4:02PM EDT0
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