I am Dr. Bradley Poppie, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a dress apparel line for the modern muscular athlete - I want to bring fitness and fashion together by providing classic apparel for the fit body. - #AMA

Dr. Brad Poppie
Jun 18, 2018

Dr. Brad Poppie is a serial entrepreneur, author, informative speaker, and seasoned businessman. In addition to being academically trained as a doctor, Dr. Poppie has also proven his credibility in a variety of business areas ranging from healthcare and hotels to commodities, and the recent launch of Bradley Allen Apparel - a clothing line built specifically for bodybuilders and muscular men.

Dr. Poppie, a bodybuilder himself, created the fashion line after he struggled with the difficulty of dressing for his muscular body type, finding that nearly all dress shirts currently on the market are not fitted or tailored to a muscular build. The current athletics retail industry provides limited dress apparel options for fitting the muscular physique.

Dr. Poppie decided to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with the desire to help others who, he says, were part of a "massive void" in the intersections of bodybuilding and fashion. For Poppie, that response is at the core of what Bradley Allen Apparel is all about, which is "changing the way these bodybuilders feel about themselves" beyond their gyms or shows. This venture continues to be hugely successful and is becoming the authority in dress apparel for the modern athlete. In the next year, Bradley Allen Apparel plans to add dress pants, polo shirts, and other vital dress apparel items for the athletic build.

In addition, Dr. Poppie is an engaging and informative speaker.  By focusing on his areas of expertise in corporate training, communication, and influence, he delights and captures the attention of business executives and staff from all avenues of the business world. Find out more about Dr. Brad Poppie at http://poppieenterprises.com/

You can view the full Bradley Allen Apparel collection here: https://bradleyallen.com/ (INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE)

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Are you interested in creating accessories, too? In case yes, would you use leather?
Jun 25, 8:26AM EDT0

I want to remain true to my brand and brand messaging of Bradley Allen being the leader in dress apparel for the athletic physique.  Too much line extension into different avenues can dilute your brand and overall value.  

Jun 25, 5:36PM EDT0
What is the most-read fashion book on your bookshelf?
Jun 25, 8:09AM EDT0

I'm definitely a fan of GQ Magazine.  I always have and always will! They always highlight the new style and groovy new brands that are hitting the market. 

Jun 25, 5:37PM EDT0
Have you received positive feedback from your followers and customers?
Jun 25, 7:19AM EDT0

We have received an overwhelming positive response from those that try on an authentic Bradley Allen shirt. Many times our customer has tried numerous times to find a dress shirt off the rack that fits and when they slip into our shirts, they are astonished as to how good they fit. 

Jun 25, 5:39PM EDT0
Is this the first business that you started, or did you have other experiences with entrepreneurship before that?
Jun 24, 11:16PM EDT0

My first business was when I was 10 years old.  I had and animal and lawn care service. Throughout my life, I have owned numerous businesses ranging from apparel, healthcare, real estate, and commodities. 

Jun 25, 5:42PM EDT0
What are the main challenges innovating around your designs? How have you tackled the design process in a very competitive market?
Jun 24, 9:03PM EDT0

Fitting the athletic physique has its hurdles because no muscular man is shaped the same.  Some have large chests and smaller arms and vice versa.  Our sizing chart has literally taken 4 years of trial testing to create.  

We are first to market with a dress shirt that fits the unfittable man.  We remain competitive by the authentic fit and customer service that stands behind our great product.  Also bringing new products to market is a way to stay ahead of any competition that arises. We have a polo shirt and dress slack line on the horizon.  

Jun 25, 5:47PM EDT0
What are some of the things the youth can do to incorporate fitness into their daily lives and daily fashion?
Jun 23, 3:41PM EDT0

Working out on a day-to-day basis will help you achieve not only the body type you desire but you will also feel more confident about yourself.  When you take this confidence and "dress for success" mentality in your everyday life, you set yourself apart from the rest! 

Jun 25, 5:55PM EDT0
How many items are there in any given season’s collection?
Jun 23, 2:21PM EDT0

Currently we don't have a seasonal collection.  We offer dress shirts which are appropriate for any occasion.  We are currently developing polo shirts and dress slacks too.  So for us, it really isn't a matter of which shirt is appropriate for which season, it's more of which shirt is appropriate for which venue - formal or business casual; etc.

Jun 25, 6:22PM EDT0
What were the initial challenges you faced while setting up this venture? How did you combine fashion and activewear together?
Jun 23, 9:26AM EDT0

The biggest challenges we faced were dealing with overseas companies.  They operate much different than the US which made fabric production and distribution difficult.  The other challenges we faced were nailing down the correct size chart to fit the athletic physique - not to mention, some of our shirts fit those that are over 260 lbs with abs popping! 

While we don't currently have our own activewear line, we work with other activewear lines to help compliment their customers' when they need to dress up and look the best they can!

Jun 25, 6:15PM EDT0

What resources do you use to drive traffic to your website? Do you sell in any brick and morter stores?

Jun 22, 2:51PM EDT1

All Bradley Allen sales are online.  We do not use any brick-and-mortar stores to promote or house product.  We specifically do this to keep our price point competitive and invest heavily in customer service to our dedicated clientele.  

We promote largely through social media platforms, TV, and magazines. Our excellent PR team, HER Creative Media, has done a great job of promoting our brand.

Jun 25, 6:20PM EDT0
What could be the fictitious assets of your enterprise, if you are running an apparel business?
Jun 22, 1:24AM EDT0

Our assets are the men and women who stand behind our brand and promote our shirts to the world.  We have a Bradley Allen Affilitate program that allows  people to be a part of our team and sell shirts as well. 

Jun 25, 6:22PM EDT0
What was the process you used to develop the unique size chart for your apparel?
Jun 21, 5:18PM EDT0

There was certainly no quick and easy way that we accomplished this.  We literally put my shirts on dozens of different types of body types and through four years of trial testing, we were able to create the authentic Bradley Allen Physique Tailored Apparel line you can view today at bradleyallen.com


Jun 25, 5:31PM EDT0
Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your business?
Jun 21, 5:02PM EDT0

The very first book I read was Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  This book made a pivotal impact on my life and how I viewed money.  I highly suggest you read this book if you haven't already.  There have been numerous other influencers throughout my life too.  Kevin Harrington, original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank wrote the forward for my second book, Creating and Sustaining Unstoppable Business Momentum has given me a lot of insight on my businesses. 

Today, I follow Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuck, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins to name a few. 

Jun 25, 5:29PM EDT0
To what extent can one's ill-fitted clothing affect their motivation when training?
Jun 21, 6:33AM EDT0

An ill-fitting garment can make or break how you feel about yourself.  If you don't feel as though you look good, then you dont - period.  When you feel good about how you look, you shine.  That is one of the driving forces behind Bradley Allen.  I want these guys to look amazing in a dress shirt so when they go out on a date, wedding, board room meeting; etc they are exuding confidence. 

Jun 21, 10:53AM EDT0
How is working in fashion different today than from when you started out?
Jun 21, 3:40AM EDT0

While my vison for my clothing line is over 10 years old, the brand was launched late last year.  With this said, I don't know for certain how the fashion industry has changed.  I will say though that since we have launched I have noticed constant changes in "apparel wars" between China, India, and Guatemala.  There is a lot of competition out there with manufacturers competing for business. 

Jun 21, 10:51AM EDT0
How do you find manufacturers for a newly branded line of items in your apparel line?
Jun 21, 1:52AM EDT0

This is a tedious process and there is no clear or correct answer.  I was linked up with an apparel professional that has been in the business for over 30 years.  She helped guide me through the process and helped me find the correct fit for manufacturing.  I highly suggest you find a mentor in this space because dealing with overseas companies can be a challenge.  Your mentor can definitely help you avoid many of the pitfalls and costly mistakes that can happen when you are starting your line. 

Jun 21, 10:47AM EDT0
Why do you believe the fashion industry continues to make an abundance of streamlined gaunt sizes regardless of the demand for more a more varied sizing system that accommodates larger physiques?
Jun 20, 4:35PM EDT0

Most clothing manufactures cater to the masses becuase they make apparel in bulk.  They are banking that their clothing will "fit" most people - even though it's an ill fitting garment.  At Bradley Allen, we want our customers to look and feel great when they put on one of our shirts.  That's why we have taken over four years of trial testing to make sure our shirts fit like a glove! 

Jun 20, 5:56PM EDT0
What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line?
Jun 20, 3:12AM EDT0

My biggest fear was more in the proof of concept realm.  I am the first to market with this idea and while I was confident that there was a need for this type of clothing line, I was unsure if the buying patterns of my target market would prove me right.  As we continue our brand messaging, we are seeing a huge influx of athletic men wanting to dress-to-impress and have bought a Bradley Allen to show off their physique. 

Jun 20, 5:53PM EDT0
When speaking to an audience, do you ever still get stage fright? How do you prepare?
Jun 18, 5:13PM EDT0

Do I get sweaty palms and is my heart beating out of my chest moments before going onstage? YES! I'd say it's less that of stage fright but more of an adrenaline rush.  I always want to deliver great value to my audience so the "pre stage" gitters are actually what fuels me to do my best.  Being prepared is the best preperation. I'm not one to just go on stage and wing-it.  

Jun 18, 7:21PM EDT0
With all the things you currently do, how do you manage your time? Do you still have personal time left?
Jun 18, 4:44PM EDT0

Time management is definitely my biggest hurdle yet most precious commodity.  I have a wonderful team at Poppie Enterprises that helps to streamline my business endeavors so that I can maintain a personal life too.  It is an absolute MUST to delegate duties where indicated and TRUST your staff with these duties.   This allows me to enjoy my perosnal time and know that my business operations are still being taken care of. 

Jun 18, 7:25PM EDT0
What do you usually teach during your corporate training engagements?
Jun 18, 11:24AM EDT0

My corporate training engagements are centered around small business owners and or upper management at large corporations. I teach how to effectively hire the right team of Intrapreneurs within their company or organization so that they can effectively work on their business and not in their business. 

Jun 18, 7:28PM EDT0
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