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Coco Zevallos
Jan 6, 2018

CEO of Zevallos shoes

We custom make shoes by hand for the public and stars.We order our material from all over the world, we make all leg sizes and shoes up to size 15 women .  I run the whole company and am involved in all details and steps. Ask me anything Ill do my best to answer.   We work out of Philadelphia Pa. I'm 35  married mother of 3 African American female with an all-female staff  www.zevallosshoes.com


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What kind of support did you get from families and friends?

Jan 7, 8:49AM EST0

Support is definitely limited. I get my support from colleagues and my 3 children, and husband. It's really hard to maintain a healthy relationship when your time is always counted for,

Jan 7, 9:30AM EST0
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if you're customizing according to individual preference, how many women workers do you need to have to cover the growing demands of your customers?

Jan 7, 8:28AM EST0

I have 7 bespoken shoemakers, I have 3 customer service reps/ assistants . 1 designer. 2 sales agents. 

Jan 7, 9:26AM EST0

Since when did you start manufacturing customized shoes?

Jan 7, 3:10AM EST0


Jan 7, 9:25AM EST0

Before you were manufacturing, what was your favorite shoes and brand?

Jan 7, 2:58AM EST0

I'm a major fan of Prada. 

Jan 7, 9:06AM EST0

Before you were manufacturing, what was your favorite shoes and brand?

Jan 7, 1:56AM EST0


Jan 7, 9:31AM EST0

Guci Guci.. what I think of all them brands ;)

Jan 7, 10:15AM EST0

Who do you want to cater by providing custom-made shoes by hand?

Jan 7, 1:40AM EST0

All women, We want all ladies to understand there are options. We can make up to size 15 any color style needed. 

Jan 7, 9:07AM EST0
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How did you end up in the shoe industries?

Jan 7, 1:07AM EST0

I've always had an amazing collection of shoes. I always received compliments, My friend went to school to learn the art of shoemaking. Zevallos was born then. 

Jan 7, 9:08AM EST0

How can you accommodate bulk orders if all shoes are made manually?

Jan 7, 12:44AM EST0

All of the stores that carry our shoes order well in advance. We don't hold stock. We make the orders as they come in to ensure all clients get that custom feel.  our waiting list can at times get a few months long.

Jan 7, 9:10AM EST0

How long do you want to last in this industry? What plans are in place to help you achieve that?

Jan 7, 12:40AM EST0

I want Zevallos Brand to carry on for millions of years. LOL! I'm working with an amazing group of ladies, Were always trying new things and ways to improve our brand.  from the finest material to the marketing, We have celebrities clients that really support us.

Jan 7, 9:13AM EST0

Have you always been fascinated by shoes?

Jan 7, 12:23AM EST0

Oh gosh YES! My grandmother raised me, she is a fashionista.  Her fashion speaks volumes and I've  always been obsessed with her and her shoes. 

Jan 7, 9:16AM EST0

Was it difficult to find the best cobblers in town?

Jan 7, 12:09AM EST0

Some people find difficulty with finding cobblers, I was blessed to have my friends work for me as my cobblers.

Jan 7, 9:19AM EST0

How can you accommodate bulk orders if all shoes are made manually?

Jan 6, 11:42PM EST0

How much initial capital did you invest to start this business?

Jan 6, 11:37PM EST0


Jan 7, 9:19AM EST0

What are the usual materials that you will be using fo your shoes? How hard or easy will it be to procure these raw materials?

Jan 6, 11:04PM EST0

Hello, I like leathers,  Authentic suedes, and crystals. I love bling and lace. It's hard for me to find lace. I shop mainly in Spain for my authentic leather and suede. I shop in turkey for my lace, flock, and PU I use for linning. Trust is an issue when dealing with suppliers overseas. However, I allow God to lead me and so far its been hard to find raw materials in China without issue but the journey has been a blessing and fun. 

Jan 7, 9:24AM EST0

Check out our website .www.zevallosshoes.com

Jan 6, 10:06PM EST0

How many pairs have you manufactured since the first day of your business?

Jan 6, 8:57PM EST0

About 80k Pairs

Jan 6, 9:57PM EST0
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Do you know how to make shoes, yourself? Where did you learn the craft?

Jan 6, 7:43PM EST0

I do not... I have friends who do. I started my company with just them.

Jan 6, 9:58PM EST0

How were you able to manage family and business, without sacrificing the other?

Jan 6, 4:09PM EST0

It's so hard, Prayer works for me. I have an amazing assistant who really helps me. I'm grateful for my staff and husband, 

Jan 6, 6:23PM EST0

What has been the most expensive pair you've created?

Jan 6, 3:15PM EST0

That's a hard one. Ivemade so many styles I've never released. I try to stay between 200-400 usd.

Jan 6, 6:25PM EST1
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Do you have a store where customers can visit?
Jan 6, 2:20PM EST0

Hello, I don't. online is the only way our clients can order at this time. 

Jan 6, 6:26PM EST0
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