I'm Maite Aramayo, a Bolivian Fashion Blogger living in Milan, have worked in Finance for almost two years and transitioned into the fashion industry to work and create relevant fashion content. AMA!

Maite Aramayo
May 13, 2018

I'm a Latin American student experiencing how it is to make my way into the fashion industry in Milan. I currently run a blog where I give my own insight into relevant events happening in fashion. My dream is to work for a major fashion magazine or to work for any fashion brand that I admire in the industry. 

Through my life I've always known that I wanted to work in fashion, but since I come from a very small country like Bolivia, doing it was not possible at the beginning. I have a bachelor in Finance that helped me get the opportunity to study abroad and to also challenge myself to finally work in the sector that I'm passionate about. 

In a few years, I would like to be an inspiration for all the Latin American women out there who think they can't be part of the fashion industry because they don't have access to it or the initial degree to do it. I think that for me, knowing finance is an advantage to be more competitive in the industry, and I also think that fashion is a field that requires you to constantly be informed about everything that is happening globally (just like with the stock market in finance). I personally admire how volatile the industry can be, and I believe I have what it takes and the energy to be part of the current fashion evolution that we're experiencing now. 

Maite Aramayo says:

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How do you incorporate feedback and edits into your writing work?
May 18, 6:02PM EDT0

When I start writing a blog post, I write it quickly, without editing and just write freely all the ideas I got from brainstorming and research. After that, I read it aloud and that's when I start editing and correcting any type of grammar mistakes and check if the context is parallel and if it responds to the idea of what I'm trying to transmit; finally, I set a title in the end after analyzing what I wrote. When it comes to feedback, I don't have at the moment a professional editor to read my work and correct it, but I always try to get people that know me like friends or people that are good writers to read my work and give me their feedback. 

May 20, 7:01AM EDT0
What content management systems have you usedtill date? What's you experience with these systems?
May 18, 11:17AM EDT0

I use Wordpress CMS, which I think is the most popular among bloggers and in my opinion the easiest to use. When I started I had no idea on how to use the platform but I'm getting more and more familiar with it. 

May 20, 7:08AM EDT0
What were some of the keys to growing a large and successful readers base for the fashion niche?
May 18, 11:13AM EDT0

I think the key to growing any type of business, brand, and blog is ENGAGEMENT. In a world where everything is now digital, it's harder to keep up with everything and so you have to be constantly giving updates and engaging with your public and working on getting more readers. Honestly, I am still a work in progress in trying to get a larger audience, but so far and by just being a blogger for a few months, I must say that I've learned a lot and I intend to keep learning and get better. 

May 20, 7:12AM EDT0
When you reflect on your career, is there anything that you would change?
May 18, 1:44AM EDT0

Obviously, I would've loved to work in fashion right from the start but I think that the experience I got at working in Finance was very enriching, in the sense that it let me grow professionally and get where I am now. I will forever be grateful for my first job, but now I think I'm finally on the right track and doing what I love the most. 

May 20, 7:14AM EDT0

Which designer would you love to work for and what would you like to do?

May 17, 12:46PM EDT0

I don't have one favorite brand, actually. I think each brand has something that makes them unique. Right now Gucci is the most trending one when it comes to engagement and it has become one of the most leading brands in the market, and I honestly like their corporate strategy. I would be happy to work for any brand in the fashion industry, mainly because I think each one has a huge chance of growing and I think I could be an agent to help with that growth. 

May 20, 7:17AM EDT0

How many fashion shows have you been to and what designer is your favorite so far?

May 16, 8:39PM EDT0

There is a lot to choose from so many talented designers! I have three favorite designers right now, which are Alessandro Michele from Gucci, Olivier Rousteing from Balmain and Riccardo Tisci from now Burberry. I also admire Alexander Wang's work and I get inspired a lot by him when choosing what to wear. 

May 20, 7:20AM EDT0

What were the best ways you found to build your blog following?

May 14, 4:22PM EDT0

Engagement with other bloggers. When you have a blog, you have to realize that your first main readers will be other bloggers, so that's the first thing I did to increase my following and my audience. You can do that by staying active in social media. I personally prefer using Instagram the most to present myself as a blogger because I think it's the best platform nowadays to grow your business and also to let others see you as a brand. 

May 16, 6:32AM EDT0
What does being fashionable means to you?
May 14, 11:52AM EDT0

I believe that someone who is "fashionable" is someone who is without a doubt "influenced" by popular, in this case, clothing trends. It could also mean someone who's up to date with the latest trends in fashion and decides to incorporate them into their personal style. 

May 16, 6:29AM EDT0
What's one piece of accessory that has stayed your favourite for long?
May 14, 6:51AM EDT0

Personally, I always wear rings,  so in my case, that's my favorite accessory and my personal statement whenever I decide to choose an accessory that could represent me. 

May 16, 6:27AM EDT0
What do you think about minimalistic fashion? How do you incorporate minimal tones to your own style?
May 14, 4:47AM EDT0

I'm loving minimalistic fashion so far! I think that fashion doesn't necessarily have to be too extravagant for it to get noticed. I must admit though, that into my personal style I always wear something that is not common, I like weird clothing and eye-catching shoes, so I try to mix minimalistic fashion with that quirky side of my personal style. Right now for this season, I'm trying to go for pastel colors and I'm thinking about looking for clothes that have color-blocking to give myself a touch of modern minimalistic style.

May 14, 5:34AM EDT0
Do you like to follow the fashion as it comes or do you like it little out of the box based on your personal taste?
May 14, 2:02AM EDT0

I like to do a mix of both. I have to say that not all the trends happening right now are something I'd wear, no matter the meaning behind them. I am a very nostalgic person, so I really enjoy mixing my personal style based on different trends from different seasons. Like a lot of fashion, icons have said, fashion and style are two completely different things, and personally, I think that one cannot live without the other and so we need to embrace both of them and learn how to use fashion to apply it to our personal style.

May 14, 5:29AM EDT0
What is your favorite thing about fashion? Why do you find it so fascinating?
May 13, 5:55PM EDT0

I love how fashion adjusts to everything that happens in the real world. Throughout the years, fashion has become something as necessary as anything we could think of because our society uses it as a way of expression, and to me, fashion is one of the most beautiful ways of expression (apart from dancing, my other favorite one). I find fascinating how fashion evolves through time and people's reaction to it. I love how we follow fashion even when we are not aware of it and I simply enjoy the fact that fashion is an industry that will hardly ever get boring or fade through time. 

May 14, 5:27AM EDT0
Which would be your dream job in the fashion industry?
May 13, 3:32PM EDT0

Right now I'm interested in getting a job wherever I can find in the industry, sort of to start getting a glimpse of the industry from the inside. My dream job in the future would be to become a fashion editor. 

May 14, 5:24AM EDT0
How did you move to Milan? Did you choose it for a particular reason?
May 13, 1:58PM EDT0

Ever since I can remember, I'd always dreamed of studying in the US, and that had always been the plan. It happens that I ended up in Italy by chance and simply because maybe I think I was destined to end up here. I chose Milan as my first choice obviously because it's one of the capitals of fashion, and so when applying for universities, it was a no-brainer for me to choose Milan among every other Italian city. 

May 14, 5:22AM EDT0
When did you know you were interested in fashion? How old were you?
May 13, 12:39PM EDT0

I began to be interested in fashion at a very young age, around thirteen, which in my case was kind of the age where my mother started to let me pick my own clothes and I started building my personal style. I've always been drawn to peculiar clothing and have always been very picky about what I choose to wear. In addition to that, I got even more interested when I started reading my first fashion magazines and started to get to know what was behind everything. At that moment I honestly had no clue if I wanted to make a career in fashion yet, but I knew that I wanted it to be part of my life forever. 

May 14, 5:20AM EDT0
When did you start your blog? What was the intention behind its creation?
May 13, 11:55AM EDT0

I started my blog this year around February! I hadn't thought about starting a blog since the beginning of this year and the idea came up to me thanks to an online course I'm taking with Parsons. The time seemed like the right one because I was just beginning to get adjusted to the life in Milan and I had already experience Fashion Week on September 2017, so I figured that it was time to get my opinion and insight on what I've learned so far out there for people to read it. 

May 14, 5:16AM EDT0
How hard is it for a South American girl to succeed in the fashion industry? Do you find it harder than if you were European?
May 13, 11:18AM EDT0

To be honest, I think it's hard to succeed in the fashion industry regardless of what nationality you have. I've heard Europeans talking about struggling with getting a place in the industry, so I don't think success in fashion has nothing to do with nationality.  In my case, I am starting to experience how difficult it is just to get an internship in the industry, but I have a strong belief that if you're good, people will eventually see it and you definitely will get noticed, no matter where you come from. 

May 14, 5:13AM EDT0
Why did you study finance instead of fashion? Could you study fashion in Bolivia?
May 13, 11:11AM EDT0

I studied finance because of two main reasons. The first one is that there is not a decent fashion school in Bolivia to pursue a fashion career, and the second is that I needed to choose a degree that could eventually in the future help me get the opportunity to study abroad. More than that though, at that time I was very drawn to finance and maybe because I had the influence of my mom who is an economist and my grandfather who was one of the chief executives in the Bolivian Central Bank.

May 14, 5:11AM EDT0
What is the fashion item from your country you think is underappreciated the most?
May 13, 10:24AM EDT0

There isn't a specific Bolivian fashion item that I can think of, but if I had to choose something that perhaps is underappreciated, would be the Bolivian folkloric patterns that we have. They are very unique and they represent our culture, I'd love it if people wore it more. 

May 14, 5:09AM EDT0
Which is the fashion magazine you like the most and why?
May 13, 9:08AM EDT0

VOGUE, of course... It's like my bible. I've been reading it instead of teenager magazines since I was fourteen or fifteen years old, and the reason I love it is that it touches lots of topics and connects it to fashion. You might find a politics article on Vogue with an editorial photo shoot with models wearing designers' clothes, and that's the magic of it. Vogue is the most inspiring magazine to me, and I read it because not only it entertains me, but it also educates me on what is happening in the world. 

May 13, 10:01AM EDT0
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