Hi everyone! My Name is Razvan, I've been a Product Designer in the mobile gaming industry for 7 years and I decided it's time for a sabbatical...Ask Me Anything

Razvan Calin: I wanted to work in technology since as far as I can remember, the gaming company just happened to be the most technologically advanced company in my city when I was in College and could not move away. Many more have appeared since then.. This is one…
Sep 10, 2018

Jewelry Maker Designer and owner of BeadworkSeadbeady on Etsy - You can ask me anything about being an Etsy shop owner or making jewelry

Renata Feyen: Beside the material cost you have the cost of for instance a subscription to a magazine for patterns or buying loose patterns - and you should also take in account the time spent making your items. And the shipping costs off course. There could also …
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