My name is Gary Piazzon. I'm building a brand new designer sock company to help brighten people's sock drawers, whilst doing a little good in the world. Ask me anything!

Gary Piazzon
Mar 7, 2018

I'm Gary, co-founder of Futt - a company built to stretch the limits of design, push the boundaries of quality and give something back to those in need. 

We're planning to launch in a few months so I wanted to take this opportunity to better understand what people care about when purchasing from a subscription company or buying a new pair of socks. 

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If Futt could have any celebrity spokesmodel, who would it be?
Mar 9, 3:39AM EST0
And beyond the work, what are the things you love the most?
Mar 8, 2:56AM EST0
Do you have any pet peeve? If so what are those?
Mar 7, 10:21PM EST0
What is your ultimate aspiration in the life?
Mar 7, 2:46PM EST0

Hi Anastasijat.

My ultimate aspiration is to develop a series of successful businesses. Business is my passion. I'm looking forward to developing Futt into a successful company.

Mar 7, 3:03PM EST0
Do you ever read fashion magazines? What design books do you currently have on your bedside table?
Mar 6, 9:30AM EST0

Hi Kkkaterynak,

Unfortunately I have to confess that I don't, but I do spend a lot of time looking at what other fashion companies do well. 

We love Toms who not only have a great product, but like us, have social responsibility at their core. 

Mar 6, 1:38PM EST0
How do you make decisions for your designs, on what pattern and which heel to use?
Mar 6, 8:37AM EST0

Hi Katnderi,

We work with a range of designers and ask them to submit a range of designs. We then run focus groups with our fans/customers to understand their favourite designs. These are then the ones that make it into production. 

Mar 6, 1:37PM EST0
The fashion industry is working towards reducing its carbon footprint using different sustainable materials. What do you think are the new possibilities for a sustainable industry in the fashion?
Mar 5, 5:53PM EST0

Hi Celina, 

Great question! I think this is a really important point and something that we are passionate about. 

I think a big growth area will be clothing recycling. More needs to be done to re-use and re-cycle old clothing once it's thrown away. 

Mar 6, 1:37PM EST0
How much does it cost to produce an item of clothing? Who do you think are the potential customers for your socks?
Mar 5, 5:09PM EST0

Hi Lara, 

We've managed to make the economics work for us without compromising on quality. We're focused first and foremost on creating a really fantastic sock - something that we know our friends would be proud to wear every day. 

Our marketing is very much targeted at a young professional audience, but we want to appeal to as many people as possible. If you like cool socks we're certain you'll like Futt! 

Mar 6, 1:35PM EST0

Why do you like making and designing socks more than anything else?

Mar 5, 4:15PM EST0

Hi Anna, 

There's something very simple and fun about socks. Especially a bright pair with a great design. I guess I take pleasure in seeing peoples faces light up when they catch a glimpse of my fun socks. (cheesy I know). 

Mar 6, 1:34PM EST0
What are the concepts of socks designing that most interest you?
Mar 5, 1:41PM EST0

Hi Milos, 

As mentioned below I don't actually design the socks - we collaborate with a wide range of designers. We like to give them free reign to push the boundaries. We're constantly trying to produce ever more detailed and fantastic sock designs to remain a step ahead of our competitors. 

Mar 6, 1:33PM EST0
What helps you get in the zone when you’re designing?
Mar 5, 12:59PM EST0

Hi Dipa, 

I don't actually design the socks. We collaborate with a wide range of designers to achieve our completely unique line of socks. 

Mar 6, 1:32PM EST0
How would you describe your sense of fashion style?
Mar 5, 7:19AM EST0

Hi Lothric,

I love to accessorise. I'm perfectly happy with a plain white shirt, pair of chinos and a suit jacket, but love to pair that with some brightly coloured socks and a nice pocket square 

Mar 6, 1:32PM EST0
What sort of the groundwork did you do before setting up "Futt"?
Mar 5, 4:43AM EST0

Hi Tanja, 

We've spent the last 2 years researching and sampling sock manufacturers, engaging with potential customers to understand what they want and building a great team to ensure we can deliver a great product. 

Mar 6, 1:30PM EST0
What fascinates you right now and how is it serving you into your work?
Mar 5, 3:52AM EST0

Hi Saramade, 

I've always been a huge tech fan and love to stay up to date with the latest trends in the world of tech. While this may not seem like an obvious fit with socks - we have some great ideas for how we can use tech to better enhance our customer experience and better engage with our community. 

Mar 6, 1:29PM EST0
You have partnered with the children's charity War Child, donating 5% of revenue from every pair of socks sold. Where did the thought of contributing to the society come in?
Mar 4, 1:52PM EST0

Since deciding on creating a sock company, my co-founder and I have been determined to give something back to those in need. It's always been a key part of the business model. 

We really love the work that Warchild do and have been lucky enough to partner with them to help fund some of their great work. 

Mar 6, 1:28PM EST0
What all fabrics do you use to design/create socks?
Mar 4, 1:06PM EST0

Hi Biamorais, 

We work with the finest cotton and polyamide to form the base of our socks. 

Mar 6, 1:27PM EST0
Who inspires you the most in the fashion industry?
Mar 4, 1:03PM EST0

Two designers who I think are really awesome are YOHJI YAMAMOTO and NERI OXMAN. They both push the boundaries of fashion and seem to be influenced by either patterns in nature, or geometric shapes - something I particularly like. 

Mar 6, 1:26PM EST0
How do you balance creativity with commerce?
Mar 4, 12:51PM EST0

Hi Derek,

Great question. 

This is an important balance. For us we are very passionate about producing a range of socks that our customers will look. For us getting the product absolultely spot on is paramount. This should then convert to sales and solve the commerce element. 

Mar 6, 1:24PM EST0
How did you get into designing? Did you study fashion design?
Mar 4, 12:38PM EST0

Hi Jann,

I've always had an interest in design, but at Futt we collaborate with a wide range of designers to produce our socks - ranging from design students, to architects, to video game designers and more...

Mar 6, 1:23PM EST0
How can new technologies influence the fashion industry? What sort of aesthetics do you see will come from it?
Mar 4, 10:39AM EST0

Hi Maricar, 

I think technology has a huge role to play in the fashion industry - in the way that people consume and purchase fashion, the materials that are used, and the manufacturing processes. 

I think that as manufacturing capabilities advance there are some clever ways that more materials can be combined into singular designs to create a wide range of looks and feels. 

Mar 6, 1:22PM EST0
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