Stay Classy, Never Trashy: Bringing Modest Clothing Back in This AMA Event

Maria L.
Feb 5, 2018

While skimpy, daring, and almost skin-bare clothing is hot in the fashion world as of the moment, some people still prefer modest outfits— and no, they are not just the conservatives, members of Islamic faith, or other similar stereotypes. In this AMA Event, Roshan explains that even though showing more is displayed as the popular demand, people still tend to opt for closed, modest wear on a daily basis. We've gathered some of her personal thoughts on the matter through her insightful responses below:

QUESTION: Do you think modest fashion is really necessary? If so, why?

It's proven itself to be necessary.

It was always difficult to find clothing that was both suitably modest but also on trend.  What was available in retail stores was boring or needed to be layered to cover up.  There was always a need for modest fashion, no one bothered to pay attention until consumers started finding ways to custom make their garments. Modest wear designers demand grew, and the modest industry uncovered itself.

QUESTION: What are the common misconceptions on fashion that prevail in the society today?

- that trends dictate fashion

- that what you see on the manequin will look as good on you

- that you need to be wealthy to look expensive or be fashionable

- that anyone can be a fashion designer

- that there is no skill in being a fashion designer

- that modest fashion is worn only by muslim people

- that modest fashion is boring

- to name a few

QUESTION: In Cape Town what are your thoughts on  Local Modest Fashion developments; are there enough potential platforms created for local modest designers to market there brand to a wider audience so that their brand can extend to all cultures and nationalities and eventually get the opportunity to broaden globally.

Thank you for your question Zaahida

There has been an influx of local modest fashion markets accross Cape Town which has caused the markets to become saturated.  There are markets that allow for a wider audience to be achieved however their could be a number of reasons designers are unable to explore their potential on these platforms

- cost : the cost of a designated platform in a broader targeted reach will cost more

- professionalism: will require a different level of professionalism that appeals to the broader market

-quality: will require education and training on quality of work - there are designers who can never reach global standards if they are unprepared to improve 

- mass production: global will require mass production - only a handful of designers are retail ready

- to name a few

QUESTION: Who do you think has the best fashion taste in the Hollywood at present?

No one can argue that Rihanna can wear anything and look great.  Angelina Jolie is always eloquently elegant. But when it comes to modest style no one particularly stands out -  I've had my eye on Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies) who at the Oscars last year wore a stunning white modest gown from Valentino and this year at the Golden Globes, she wore a dress from the Ralph Loren collection.  Although she doesn't always get it right, I'm hoping to see the possibility of her blooming in modest couture.  I've also noticed Emma Stone's preferred high necks and her style tends to lean toward a modest attire.  But clearly there aren't enough hollywood stars that we can look to for inspiration.

QUESTION: How are women treated in the fashion industry? What is the major challenge they face?

We are still not making headway in reaching the list of top designers.  Most clothes are still made for women by men. Many of our women are stuck in jobs at the lower end of the market.  Perhaps the words of these two prominent designers address the challenges women face:

 “Women take on many roles, and wear many hats. They’re wives, they’re mothers,” says designer Vera Wang. “I raised two daughters and ran my own company and designed and tried to keep people employed… I didn’t feel like there was a lot of time in my life to squeeze everything in.”

“It is very important for a woman to have a family and equally important to have an identity outside of the home,”says Diane Von Fürstenberg. She made it clear to her children that having a career was non-negotiable (when many women gave up work once they had children). “Very early on, I explained it to them — they went to school, I went to work. We each had our own obligations, our responsibilities and when we met at night, we would exchange our experiences.”

For more about Modest Fashion, simply drop by Roshan's full AMA event here.

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