This Basic of Fashion Will Make You Appreciate Clothes and Accessories as Works of Art

Maria L.
Feb 5, 2018

Designers might be the masterminds of the clothes and accessories' aesthetics, but the real magic still comes from the talented hands of seamstresses and tailors. Having over 30 years of experience with sewing, LaToya Stevens has mastered every push, pull, cut and slide of the process, eventually leading to her the creation of her own handbag company, missprettyperfect. Below are some recaps from her AMA event where we get to know more about sewing in the eyes of fashion:

QUESTION: With two fashion degrees, what made you select sewing and apparel designs for your career?

Students loans! Lol.. 

My love for fashion has never let me waiver. Just knowing that my ability to sew would always keep money in my pockets, I married myself to it. It’s very hard to find a good Seamstress these days. We are always in demand. It’s so much more to being a Fashion Designer than people realize. 

After graduating, I didn’t give up, or settle on just having a job. Which, I feel is what a lot of Fashion Design majors end up doing. You have to stay at it. I refused to lose any of my desires. I just keep sewing and learning, every chance I got! And, here I am today, sewing and designing for myself, and others. 

QUESTION: What are some techniques you use to reduce wasted time? Wasted fabric?

I’ve learned the art of “production sewing”. This techniques involves saving time, and reducing waste. 

Here’s a video example of a technique I filmed for my YouTube channel, on production:

QUESTION: What are some of the principles you follow to build a successful customer relations?

I always say that the customer is right. Even if they’re not. This is the principle any one in business should go by, to be successful. Also, if I am ever at fault in my customer relations, it is my duty to make it right. By any means, you satisfy your customer, within reason. I’ve given items for free before, because I wasn’t able to uphold my commitment to them. It’s worth it to take a loss, in order to make your customer happy. 

QUESTION: If someone is interested in learning sewing, how long does it take to learn to sew like a professional?

My mother taught me to sew at the age of four. I was focused as a child. That’s all it requires. Oh, and patience. If you have these qualities, you’ll be sewing in a day! Practice makes perfect. You’ll want to build your skill, day to day. Start off with an easy beginner project. Then, when you build your confidence, you can graduate to a basic dress. I have sewing tutorials on my YouTube channel, that helps beginners on their journey.

QUESTION: Do you see yourself more as an artist or an engineer? Why?

Great question! In my old age (in sewing years), I have learned that Fashion Designers (who actually do the work- not just being the artistist) are engineers. We build from the sketch, up to the final project. Along the way, we have to already have an idea about what works, and what does not. For example, we must know the importance of functionality. This requires a knowledge of the product and the end use. This, all before we even decide on the most appropriate materials for the design. There’s so many factors that people don’t realize, when it comes to creating a sewn product. Yes, I consider myself an engineer.

Get to know the art of sewing as you drop by the complete AMA event here.

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