Lilia Dormisheva

It's time for me to introduce myself.


It's time for me to introduce myself.

I am 23 years old from a small country called Bulgaria, but I live in England (the northern part near Scotland ). I have been working on making covers, photo manipulation, flyers and other products for nearly 5 years. It all started as a hobby when I was young and it became the basis of my life. (Did you ... have a calling from which you can not escape and give up - is this to be my calling). In Bulgaria, I teach young people on Photoshop and CorelDraw. You catch me, I do not just do this, in my life, of course. Like every young person I go to the gym, take care of myself, have a personal life (eat, sleep ...), read books, listen to music (mostly funk) And I travel. I am currently studying English, Mathematics, and soon Inbound Marketing. My main goal is to enroll in a Graphic Design-Print design or an internship.Below you can find a link to all my accounts for more contact, I will be happy to exchange feedback, experience, and meet.Thank you for meeting me.


Book Cover Designer
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