Karishma Donde

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Fashion Blogger, Design Thinker, Digital Strategist & ABCD


Fashion Blogger, Design Thinker, Digital Strategist & ABCD

My name is Karishma Donde & I have been a fashion blogger since 2012. I was first inspired to start my fashion blog during the time I was working at BCBG and at the same time was starting to fall in love with my heritage.I am born in the states but my parents are immigrants from India. Fashion was the perfect avenue to be able to share my appreciation for my Indian background and my love for western clothes.

Additionally, when I first moved to LA I was incredibly intrigued by the fashion district and how affordable "looking good for less" could be. I had never lived anywhere with a "fashion district" and this type of access before to the point that I became consumed with it (and eventually got featured on their blog about my tips and tricks!)

When I started, I wanted a website that was easy to manage, and where coding wouldn't be my primary focus-- which is when I found weebly the web hosting site that had drag and drop capabilities and was the easiest to manage with a full time job.

The hardest part of running a fashion blog is finding someone to take your pictures & has an eye for photography! I am single so I cannot recruit my husband or boyfriend to help me out. I now have a friend on payroll who takes my pictures and we shoot at different locations around LA-- which has immensely helped coming up with posts.

My interest falls under the harmony of fashion and technology therefore I blog about how technology can affect the fashion industry as well. 

My continual inspiration is three fold. One being that I will be launching a line soon and I have a mission to integrate technology to improve the fashion industry and standardized sizing as it stands today, making women feel more confident in what they wear. Second the fact that I can mix my Indian heritage into everyday wear and share with the world the beauty of Indian Jewelry and prints is something that excites me.  And third, being able to use my design thinking expertise to synchronize technology, fashion & customer experience all into one. 


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